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Family fun at the Dolomites!

Being invited to a wedding in the Dolimites (Italy) for a weekend my husband and I decided to extend the trip to a family holiday with the kids and grandparents. The wedding location was a beautiful castle in the Northern Dolomites and we decided on staying at a farm close by with the kids. While we attended the wedding my parents looked after the kids staying at the farm already. How cool, we had a whole two days partying and enjoying a kids free weekend dancing until late at night.

Having travelled, climbed and hiked in Europe quite a lot I am a big fan of the Dolomites. It’s beauty and unique mountain ranges make it one of the most spectacular landscapes in the European Alps. It is listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO for a reason ;). I love the steep cliffs, narrow valleys and turquoise lakes. As a climber I love the climbing history and famous rock walls like the Three Peaks, Sella Group, Marmolada etc.

We found a lovely farm appartment at Tiefentalhof in the Puster Valley. The Sapelza family made our stay with them an amazing experience with a local dinner evening, butter making event. The kids collected eggs, watch the milking of the cows, take a ride on the tractor with Peter, feed and pet the rabbits, donkey and try to sit on the stubborn miniature pony.

Hiking and exploring this amazing landscape with kids though means you have to limit yourself to the areas arround the many cable cars, lovely hikes in the valley arround some of the beautiful lakes and short walks to some the Alms (alpine huts).

Here are some of our favorite adventures with the kids:

  • Pragser Wildsee
  • Fischlein Valley
  • Three Peaks
  • Toblacher See + Dreizinnen Blick
  • Haunold Familienberg
  • Bruneck


Pragser Wildsee

This was actually my favorite lake. The water is cristal clear and turquoise. It almost looks like you are in the carribean just surrounded by steep cliffs. There is a nice hike arround the lake about 4-5km long that has two steeper short bits. Therefore it is not really ideal taking a stroller but a sling for the smaller kids will do and we saw some people carrying their strollers up. They offer lovely old wooden row boats we rented for an hour and the kids loved it. Along the lake there are many areas to go and stop for a swim or climb on the many boulders along the shore. The parking lots are most expensive close to the lake and get cheaper with every lot further aw. During the holidays it does get quite busy there we heard, so it is good to arrive early.

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