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Wild Atlantic Way (II): Cliffs of Moher & The Burren

Our next base we booked at Spanish Point about 15 minutes south of the Cliffs of Moher. Many ships of the Spanish Armada sank in front of the coast there and the ones swimming ashore got killed by the English troups. My mother in law picked us an amazing luxury B&B called Spanish Point House. It was newly renovated and the interior designer did a great job! Besides the amazing views from the Salon, Breakfast Room and the upper rooms with seaview we enjoyed a lovely evening tea the served at the Salon until 10pm. We didn’t know that kids were only allowed from 5 years and older, but as our 3 year old is luckily not a very wild child we got away with it. We loved the old pub at the Armada Hotel just opposite the street, offering great food, drinks and music in the evenings.

After visiting the impressive but totally overcrowded and overpriced Cliffs of Moher from the main parking, we booked a boat trip with Doolin Ferries (LINK) from Doolin to see the cliffs from the bottom and enjoy some views onto the bird rock as well as the Harry Potter cave. Unfortunately or luckily the trip got cancelled that afternoon due to rough sea conditions. We continued driving on the Wild Atlantic Way into The Burren. A very beautiful parjt of this scenic Way. From the beautiful township of Ballyvaughan (many hikes start from here and there were lovely tearooms along the road) we continued driving into The Burren to visit the megalithic portal tomb at Poulnabron dating back to a time between 3800 to 3200 b.C. It is a lovely short walk from the parking and the kids loved walking or better to say boulder hopping and playing on the rocky surface.

As the kids did a lot of driving with us that day we decided to give them some play time the next morning visiting the Moher Hill Open Farm and Leisure Park (LINK). While the grandparents took the kids to the Farm my husband and I enjoyed a nice walk from Hags Head at the south side of the Cliffs of Moher. This parking is on private property and you just leave two Euros in a letter box at the parking. It is about 1km from there to get to Hags Head tower from where the cliff walk continues for about 10km to the Visitor Center and 20km into Doolin. There is even a shuttle bus back to the parking leaving every 1,5hours. As we promised to be back after 2 hours we just turned arround after 1 hours of walking to make it back in time. But this is definately a quieter, very beautiful and much cheaper option to see these amazing Cliffs.

As the winds seemed to have calmed down compared to the day before we decided to have another try for the boat trip along the cliffs. The weather seemed nice enough, but after more than half another of waiting for the boat to come in we were already wondering what kept them so long. Once we left the harbor it was quite obvious why they have been delayed and the captain said something like “let’s rock and roll”! We were in for a rough ride! Unfortunately we ended up in one of their older and smaller boats with very few space op on the top deck. The lower deck did’nt have any outside seating really and staying outside there got us pretty wet with the waves splashing against the back of the boat. We decided to go inside even though the views weren’t that great but no way we could cope standing outside with little children plus my elderly father in-law without risking one of them going overboard. Not mentioning getting completely soaked. When we approached the bird rock, I took my daughter outside for some views, it was amazing but no way I could hold on to my child AND use the camera. I guess I set my priorities right – no photo for you of this one ;). We made it back safe but a little bit shaken. On the way back to our lovely B&B we decided to do a safe land walk along the coastline close off Spanish Point. This lovely and easy walk definately was a winner for all of us (see header image). 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